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Why Manufacturing Is Still Important

3 Professional Metal Laser Cutting Tips for Beginners

by Terra Franklin

Metal laser cutting is one of the best ways to machine products with faster turnaround times, lower costs and high accuracy. With access to the right design software and high-quality laser-cutting equipment, you can create any laser-cut metal product you desire with the help of these three tips. 

Choose the Right Design Software 

Laser cutting often relies on vector files, especially in .dxf formats, to create the required design. Numerous software programs are available that you can use to create different laser-cutting designs you'll find on the market. It's imperative, therefore, to research top design software and compare their advantages to find the ideal one for your laser cutting projects. 

Laser cutting utilises 2D technology, and because of that, it relies significantly on 2D vectors. These vectors are typically the paths that laser beams follow during the metal-cutting project. Today there are numerous 2D vector generation applications on the market ranging from online design applications to advanced CAD engineering software. Whichever software program you pick, ensure that you export your vector files in appropriate production formats. 

Close All Design Edges 

Practically, laser beams follow predefined outlines when cutting metals. For this reason, you must ensure that all sections you wish to be open or metal-free must remain in closed contours. For instance, if you want to use the laser to cut circles out of your sheet metal, ensure you have complete arcs in your vector files. 

The laser beam cuts the material by following a specified outline during the laser-cutting process. Therefore, opt for fully closed contours if you need open sections that don't contain any materials. For instance, ensure a complete arc without leaving gaps to make a perfect circular cut-out from your metal sheet. Potential breaks along the arch result in an imperfect cut that remains attached to the primary sheet. a

Choose the Correct File Layout When Cutting Multiple Parts 

If your laser project involves cutting multiple workpieces from one metal sheet, consider allocating the appropriate distance between them. Ideally, the expanse should be equal to the breadth of the material. 

Close placement of parts means running the risk of burning off the metal parts between adjacent lines. Therefore, it's imperative to outline each piece as a whole when designing your vector files. Avoid sharing cuts with lines between workpieces. 

Consider these three essential tips to get your metal-cutting projects right the first time. Work with a professional laser-cutting specialist within your area for more advice and assistance.

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