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Why Manufacturing Is Still Important

What to Look for When Hiring Construction Scaffolding

by Terra Franklin

Scaffolding structures prevent fall accidents on construction sites by enabling workers to work comfortably at a height. However, when chosen or used incorrectly, these structures can be the source of accidents on a building site. That's why the selection process is a critical part of ensuring safety and minimizing fall-related accidents and injuries. This article will look into some of the key factors that you should have in mind when hiring scaffolding to ensure that you get the best ones for your needs.

Know the scaffolding types

Scaffolding structures come in various types and designs, and they are suitable for various uses. There are the suspended ones which are installed with ropes supporting them to the top of the structure. Supported platform scaffolds have poles and frames that support the structure on the ground. They are the most commonly used types of scaffolding equipment. Finally, there are the adjustable scaffolds which can be lifted or lowered using mechanical equipment. When looking for the best options, think about the nature and complexity of the scaffolding's construction. The scaffolding hire company can recommend the best option based on these parameters.

Assess the design of the building

Your building's design will determine the best scaffold type. Some structures cannot be used in certain buildings, as they increase the risk of fall accidents. For example, suspended scaffolds should not be used on very tall buildings. In this case, an adjustable or supported platform scaffold would be an ideal option. Similarly, when constructing a structure with space restrictions, you may not be able to use an adjustable scaffold because you would need a crane to lift it. Supported platform or suspended scaffolds would be better and more convenient options. Look into the building plans and check the size, shape and dimensions before hiring scaffolding.

Check ground conditions

Ground conditions cannot be ignored when choosing scaffolding. If you place the structure on wet or uneven ground, the scaffold's stability will be compromised, and this will expose workers to the risk of falling. Assess ground conditions before hiring scaffolds. If it is wet due to rain, avoid supported platform scaffolds and go for suspended or adjustable ones. That's because the supporting frames may sink into the ground during use. Similarly, if the ground is uneven, do not use supporting frames or poles without creating an even area for the structure.

Scaffoldings determine the safety of your workers and the ease with which they work. Consult an expert before hiring scaffolding for your project to ensure that you get the most value from them.