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Why Manufacturing Is Still Important

Three Essential Tips for Installing an EPDM Rubber Roof

by Terra Franklin

If your commercial building has a flat or low-slope roofing structure, you should think about installing an EPDM rubber roof. In general, low-slope and flat roofs are highly vulnerable to leaks during rain and storms. This problem can be attributed to the lack of steep incline to facilitate the flow of water from the roofing surface. The EPDM roof is valuable for a building with this structural issue because the product is manufactured using a synthetic waterproof rubber membrane. This roofing product will prevent leakages, and your building will be protected for a long time. However, you should note that poor installation can compromise the results of the EPDM roof. Therefore, if you are interested in this roofing system, you should use the below tips for ideal success. 

Avoid Wet Weather

You should never install the rubber membrane during a wet season because this will guarantee the premature failure of the roofing. In simple terms, the EPDM product is attached to the building using an adhesive. If this adhesive becomes wet before it is cured and the membrane is completely connected, your building will not have prolonged protection. Therefore, you should check the recommended curing period for the adhesive and membrane and compare the details with the weather forecast before commissioning the roofing project. 

Avoid Installing Over Gaps

You should not install the rubber membrane over wide gaps in your roofing structure. This precaution is critical for avoiding the unexpected failure of the waterproofing product and the subsequent consequences. Simply speaking, EPDM roofing does not have the structural strength to support itself or the weight exerted. Therefore, if the layer is suspended over a gap, failure is imminent. Also, the presence of these rifts beneath the waterproofing membrane increases the risk of leakage. Fortunately, the troublesome spaces can be fixed efficiently using wooden strips.

Plan for an Overlap

When purchasing your EPDM roofing materials, you should account for overlaps. Simply speaking, you should not buy rubber roofing rolls or pieces which are only enough to cover the exact surface area of your roof. If you install the units with each edge against the other, there might be leakage in the future. The rainwater might seep in-between the sides and cause building damage. To avoid this issue, you should install the membrane such that the pieces overlap over each other. For example, the second piece of the rubber layer should overlap the first unit significantly. This practice will minimise the risk of leakage, ensuring building safety. 

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