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Why Manufacturing Is Still Important

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Why Manufacturing Is Still Important

Stainless Manufacturing Options for Catering Businesses

by Terra Franklin

Operating a catering business generally starts in either a small kitchen or out of your home. Over time, you may have decided to move into a larger building, especially as clients increased and the amount of food you were preparing increased. If you purchased a building with very little upgrades for your catering business, you may have considered contacting a stainless manufacturer for assistance. Here are some options for your catering business that a stainless manufacturing company can help you with if you want to move forward with construction and remodeling.

Heated Banquet Cabinets

One of the key pieces of equipment that a stainless manufacturer can create for you is a heated banquet cabinet. These types of cabinets offer a variety of benefits. One of the main benefits is the ability to keep the food warm while you wait for the set-up time to start or while you are travelling to the event. You can adjust the heat on most of these cabinets and can store multiple type of food within the cabinets as well. Most of the cabinets do have a locking mechanism on the wheels as well as restraints to keep the food from moving inside the cabinet during transport.

Stainless Work Tables

Having a work table that has everything you need, including built-in cutting boards and storage, may be difficult. This is how using a stainless manufacturing option may be ideal. You can take your design needs to a manufacturer and have them create the ideal work table for you. In fact, they can even create multiple tables that are modular pieces of a larger table. These pieces can move around the room and can be used as different stations as well.

Mobile Refrigeration

Most catering jobs you will have will have several courses to the meal. Part of this will likely include refrigeration needs of some kind. For example, you may have cold pasta salads, cold desserts, or several aspects of the entire meal that will need refrigeration. If you can't seem to find the right refrigeration unit for your needs, you can reach out to a stainless manufacturer that can create the shell of the mobile unit. Once created, you can have a refrigeration company outfit the system for your needs.

These are just a few of the options you can get from stainless manufacturing contractors. If you have specific needs for your catering business, consider running them by your contractor during a consultation. They may have pre-fabricated options that will fit your needs and help you achieve your goals for your catering business.