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Why Manufacturing Is Still Important

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Why Manufacturing Is Still Important

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Wire Garden Fencing

by Terra Franklin

When you first put in your wire fencing, it was likely to block off a small area for your pets or for a garden. Though it may serve the purpose of keeping a specific area blocked off and safe, it may not look as nice as you would like it to. In fact, you may want to give it an upgrade to spruce up your curb appeal while still providing the security the fencing is offering you. If this is the case, here are a few ways you can upgrade your wire fencing:

Frame It

Framing in a wire fence refers to the process of framing the wire fencing with wood planking. The framing can be along the top portion of the fencing, sides, bottom, or all full framing to each section. This upgrade has several benefits. One of the main benefits is the stability it offers to the fencing length as a whole. For example, if a large animal like a deer pushes against the fencing, the fencing could bend at the top allowing entrance to the area. If the wire fencing is framed in, the wood framing can keep it stable making it more difficult to push down and bend.  

Stability Poles

If you already have the wire fencing or wire mesh framed, and you want to add stability and curb appeal, you could go with stability poles. These poles can be as rustic or as polished as you would like. For example, you may just want the poles there and cut to be flat with the fencing frame. If you wanted to step them up a bit in appearance, you can make them a bit taller and add solar lights to the top of each pole. The poles main purpose, however, is to keep the fencing taught and firm from panel to panel. The poles can be placed and attached to the fencing every few feet or where you see weakness in the fencing.

Privacy Screens

One of the issues you may be having is the privacy of the area, but you can't afford to upgrade to a privacy option, and you need stability as well. One way to give you stability, privacy, and curb appeal is to add a privacy screen. Depending on the style of your wire fencing, or wire mesh, you may have several options for a privacy screen. Some of the less expensive screens are bamboo mat style that can be attached or removed as needed. Other options may be slat style screen pieces that are weaved into the wire mesh.

These are just a few of the ways you can upgrade your wire fencing for your garden or pet area. If you are concerned about stability, you can add stability poles and nail the fencing to the poles. If you are using a wire mesh option, you may want to consult with a professional to ensure you aren't damaging the wire during your upgrades.