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Many people think that manufacturing is dead or that it has all been outsourced to foreign countries. However, that is not the case. In many industrialised countries, manufacturing has actually increased over the last few decades. However, due to improvements in processes, more advanced machinery and even the rise of artificial intelligence, a lot of manufacturing is no longer done by a human. However, it's still critical. If you are a consumer, a product developer, or even someone who works in the industrial and manufacturing industries, check out these posts. They explain and explore a lot of the reasons why manufacturing is still important and arguably more important than it has been in years.


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Why Manufacturing Is Still Important

Projects that Transform Your Mailing Tubes

by Terra Franklin

If you work in certain industries, mailing tubes may be something that you see all too often. They may currently be cluttering up one of the offices in your business or in your home office. The question is, other than tossing them out, what can you do them that will utilise these mailing tubes to their best ability. Here are a few projects that you can use to upcycle and transform your mailing tubes into something useful in your home or office.

Wine Rack

It may seem a bit odd to consider using an old mailing tube for a wine rack, but it can actually be a durable material. Keep in mind that mailing tubes are usually fairly hard so they can protect their contents during various weather conditions. This makes them ideal for a wine rack in your home. Simply cut the mail tubes to be slightly longer than the average wine bottle. Stack the mailing tubes to create multiple levels for the bottles and then glue them together. You can paint or cover the tubes to fit your decor as well.

Kid's Toy Car Garage

If you have a child that loves toy cars, then you know how these cars can end up all over the floor. They can also be incredibly painful or dangerous if you step on one. For this reason, you may be currently keeping your children's car collection in a toy crate. You can organise them and make it easier by cutting the mailing tube into smaller tubes, stacking them, and creating a toy car garage. Each tube can hold one car and you can dress it up by creating a little pad with a roadway in front of the new garage and a sign to go above it.

Wall Art

You may not think of using the mailing tubes in an artistic way, but you can. Search online for instructions of how to cut the mailing tubes into small circles and strips. You can then bend these and create flowers or other designs. Using craft glue you can connect the strips and circles and place them in any design or mandala that you would like. Paint and seal the final creation and you have a new piece of wall art to dress up and transform a room.

For most of these projects all you need are the mailing tubes and a few other tools like glue and scissors. These projects will give you an idea of what you can do and you can use them to jumpstart your own ideas. Keep in mind that you can also buy new mailing tubes at your local office supply store if you want to create more of these projects.